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..almost spotless

so ehh ya yesterday jess came over & made me clean my room cuz its such a fucken mess hah lol..my room is like soooo friggin clean it was such a mess b4 thank you jess for helping me!! but arg i hafta clean under my bed & my closet & than my room will be like spotless & than/if i clean those two than i was thinkin mayb i could paint & redo my room or something cuz it'll be like 10 times easier to paint & redo my room if its all clean cuz i got rid of so much shit..ya i'm way tired it took 5 hours to clean my room..i like totally fucked up on my english exam today = / bleh..mrs.corbett bought me,jess,lori n mandi mcdonalds heh..we're special!! our xmas vac. starts today way cool shitttttttt! thank you to the pple that commented on my last 2 entries = ) well i'm wickedly tired so i think i'm going to go take a nap = )

_``glenna <3 X
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