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liquid_bitch126's Journal

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_``glenna <3 X
9 March
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my name is Glenna.i'm 15yrs old.can sometimes be a comment whore.sleeps alot & i mean alot.bitchy.mean.shy.ugly.loves lip gloss.friends & music = my life.listens to rock music & punk music.i want to rape Chino Moreno & have like 10,000 of his babies.cant stand being told what to & not do.Hitler,the kkk & naziism sucks.shops at hot topic & other kool places like that.gothic,freak,punk & skater guys i totally dig = )~.spikey & dyed hair is totally sexeyness.i hate my family.the world is all going to hell.writes in lj all the fucking time.my lj is friends only haha.boys lie to much.boys make me cry.i cant sing or dance.food is my vice.i'm fat not phat.hate looking at myself in the mirror.wolves are the best animals ever.i'm in love with the colors neon green & black.glow in the dark stars are rad.homework should be banned.Deftones,Staind & Good Charlotte ARE the BEST fucking bands in the world & ARE my Favs. at of all of time.you can suck me if you dont like me.likes to swear & flip pple off.dont think i'm easy, i'm far from it.cant stand my dad.my family sucks.A Christmas Story is the BEST fucking movie EVER.clone high=funnie show.(more to come)

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i can't help this feeling
it wont go away
i just love you so much
more than any words can ever say
the thought of you makes my body shake
its a feeling that cant seem to escape
just wanna hold you tight
never let you out of sight
you changed me in ways that cant be explaned
seeing you is all i wanna do
always in a daze about you
hate being so into you
& not being able to do anything about it
but i just cant just forgot you
& let you go
i'll be yours forever
not a day passes by without thinking
i love you

since 6-12-02

_``glenna <3 X

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