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mmhmm its been forever since i used this journal..i must been way damn bored to be updating in this..for you pple that dont know i have been using another journal..if you wanna be added to my other lj feel free to comment on this entry & maybe if your special i'll add you to it..well later kiddies

</3 g
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i would like to be added =)
you dont have me added on this name =(
Add me plz! :)
Hi really sorry to bother you but i am josh, i am in the band estrela.

We did a search on people interested in Glassjaw, because they are good band and we figured that if you liked them and werent busy you could check us out and maybe you would like us too. We just released a new EP you can order online. We are really giving our all with this band so the littleist bit helps out a lot.

you can listen here

official site

we also have a new music video here

thanks a lot, i would also appreciate if you would tell me what you thought.

Thanks again. If you are bothered at all by this just delete this message really sorry to disturb you.
add me i'll add you and we can comment and shit lol


Hey check us out! We have played with the following bands:

Reel Big Fish
The Format
My Chemical Romance
Autopilot Off
Catch 22
The Knack

<3 Class Clown - www.classclown.cc
and we love myspace too! www.myspace.com/classclown